Junior "Babe-ette" Division Guidelines

Babes on the Bay recognizes these young girls that go out and fish just like the more mature girls.

Two Divisions: Guided and Non-Guided

There will be four trophies: 1st and 2nd in the Guided and 1st and 2nd in the Non-Guide

This will not be a separate tournament, but it will simply include the Babe-ettes in the current program. So, if you have a girl that qualifies for this division on your team and she lands a large trout or redfish that you want as part of your team stringer then you can include it. At weigh in mention that the red was caught by a Babe-ette and give the name. This process makes it possible for her to place with the team as a whole and to qualify in the Junior Division.  Make sure that if you team is fishing the artificial only divisions that the Junior also only uses artificial.

Another scenario would be if 1 to 4 Babe-ettes got together as a team. They would still have to register in the Non-Guided/Guided – Artificial or Any Bait divisions. That team would be eligible to win the tournament competing against every contestant, but also would qualify for the Junior Division.  Remember, there are only 4 trophies for the entire Junior Division, 1st and 2nd in Guided and 1st and 2nd in Non-Guided.

Determination of the winner. The winners of this division are based on the heaviest fish, trout or redfish. 

IMPORTANT: A "babe-ettes" fish can not be entered into the cash pot as an individual (heaviest red or heaviest trout), the fish can be used for heaviest stringer.

Future changes:  There may be changes for the Babe-ette group depending on the participation this year.