1. Team with Professional Guide – (any bait)
2. Team with Professional Guide – (artificial only)
3. Team with Non-professional Guide – (any bait)
4. Team with Non-Professional Guide – (artificial only)
5. Babe-ette Junior Division - (16 years or younger)

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Place Prizes for the first 4 Divisions
Additional Prizes For: Babe-ette Division – 16 years old and under – heaviest fish!

Separate pots for guided & non-guided in both Bait & Artificial

1. Heaviest Red - $50.00 pot
2. Heaviest Trout - $50.00 pot
3. Heaviest Stringer - $50.00 pot

Your team can enter the cash pots on Friday night only.
Do not send this in with your registration fee.
The pots will pay 1st and 2nd.  80% to first and 20% to second.

If you have ever been disqualified for any fishing tournament, you will not be qualified to fish
Babes on the Bay.  All contestants, including minors*, agree to take a polygraph test if required
by a Babes on the Bay or CCA Board Member or the Babes on the Bay weigh master.  Such test
shall be taken at the time and place requested by the Aransas Bay CCA chapter.  Failure to take
or pass a polygraph will result in disqualification from this tournament and all future “Babes” 
events.  Due to a team cheating at another ladies tournament, we will have all money winners
and division winners take a polygraph.

The individual taking the test may be a team member or the guide/boat driver.
*If the contestant is a minor, a parent or legal guardian shall agree for the minor to submit to
such polygraph testing.